New Sticker Chart & Rewards System

  Friday, May 22, 2020 by Cindy-Joy Smith | Announcement

Hey there :)

With lockdown, things have been a bit difficult regarding rewards in piano lessons. For this reason, I have created a NEW sticker chart, which only requires 20 stickers in order to earn a prize (although stickers will not be handed out as easily, so you as the parent do not have to have a box full of stickers all the time ☺) 

To go along with this, I have created coupons that can be awarded (one at a time) to your child once they have completed their sticker chart. As parent, you can look through the coupons and pick and choose which will work for your child - any suggestions are also welcome...I would love to custom-make a coupon to suit your child's interests. The rewards on the coupons were especially thought up in consideration of the limitations of lockdown; so once lockdown is finished, I will add many more coupons such as outings, etc. 


If your child would like to claim a bigger prize, why not teach him/her about savings by getting him/her to "bank" his/her stickers to "save up" for a bigger prize? Then, instead of getting a small prize for 20 stickers, he/she can claim a much bigger prize for 40, 80 or even 100 stickers!

Please see the attached new sticker chart and rewards coupons. Enjoy!

Sticker Chart

Rewards Coupons