New Sticker Chart & Rewards System

  Friday, May 22, 2020 by Cindy-Joy Smith | Announcement

Hey there :)

With lockdown, things have been a bit difficult regarding rewards in piano lessons. For this reason, I have created a NEW sticker chart, which only requires 20 stickers in order to earn a prize (although stickers will not be handed out as easily, so you as the parent do not have to have a box full of stickers all the time ☺) 

To go along with this, I have created coupons that can be awarded (one at a time) to your child once they have completed their sticker chart. As parent, you can look through the coupons and pick and choose which will work for your child - any suggestions are also welcome...I would love to custom-make a coupon to suit your child's interests. The rewards on the coupons were especially thought up in consideration of the limitations of lockdown; so once lockdown is finished, I will add many more coupons such as outings, etc. 


If your child would like to claim a bigger prize, why not teach him/her about savings by getting him/her to "bank" his/her stickers to "save up" for a bigger prize? Then, instead of getting a small prize for 20 stickers, he/she can claim a much bigger prize for 40, 80 or even 100 stickers!

Please see the attached new sticker chart and rewards coupons. Enjoy!

Sticker Chart

Rewards Coupons

Welcome to our new student portal!

  Friday, May 15, 2020 by Cindy-Joy Smith | Announcement

I am very excited to announce that our new Student Portal is now online and ready for your use! 

What's New?

ALL (and I mean, ALL) of your student resources are now available on your student portal. Here, you will be able to access digital versions of your repertoire and method books, as well as many additional resources, and easy-to-us video tutorials for EVERY song. 

New Lesson Options

Because all of our resources are now online (and we will be updating this on a regular basis to bring you new hits and fun songs you request), we are now offering new lesson options for those who are considering distance-learning. 

The options are as follows:

1. Access to the online platform & 1 lesson per week 

2. Access to the online platform & 2 lessons per week

3. Access to the online platform & 1 set of personalised tutorial videos per week

4. Access to the online platform only (self-study)

(Please see rates for the above on our "Pricing" page)

As always, you can pop me an email (or whatsapp) to ask any questions you have. I look forward to sharing this new online platform with you.