Aria Private Music Studio originally started as TWC Music back in 2015 in the Helderberg, South Africa. What started out as a small mobile music school has since expanded to become a fully-fledged online music school that takes on students from around the world. 


We offer instruction in Piano, Vocal Training (Western Art/Operatic, Jazz & Contemporary), Music Theory, Beginner Guitar, Piano Accordion, Recorder, Clarinet and Flute. And if you are interested in an instrument not listed here, check out our affiliate international music school.

Music lessons are adapted according to your personal goals. So whether you just want to learn music for fun (or even learn to play 1 song only) or whether you want to eventually study music at university (or further), we can help you. 


If you find yourself tapping your foot along to music regularly, enjoy dancing to your jams, or if you enjoy belting out your favourite songs, music is definitely for you! In fact, we believe that EVERYONE should try music lessons at least once. We teach from age 4 right up until 100, and we teach from absolute beginners to professional performers. 

Don't let your age or inexperience stop you from trying out what is sure to be a fun learning experience (at worst) or the best decision you ever made (at best). If you're still not sure whether to take the plunge, pop us a message. We would love to answer your specific query. 

Just a thought: If you are 43 years old now, and think that investing 5 years in piano lessons is pointless, just remember that in 5 years' time, you are still going to be 48 years old, regardless of whether you took piano lessons or not; except that if you did take lessons, you would have learnt a fun new skill that you can continue enjoying for the rest of your life, and which you can use to entertain your family and friends.


This depends on how good you want to be, and what your goals are. You will learn to play songs from your first lesson. Some people progress really fast, completing all music grades (there are 8) within 3-5 years...and then some people decide not to do music exams at all. 

As a rule, though, it would be best to commit to lessons for a full year before just giving up. A year of music instruction will give you a very good indication of how fast you will learn, and will also get you past the initial stage of "I know nothing!" And if you think a year is long, just take it as it comes. We can guarantee that after 3 months of instrumental tuition, you will be begging for more. 


Cindy-Joy Smith graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BMus (Music) Degree, and a specialisation in Orchestral Composition.

She has been teaching music since 2009, and with this experience, she enjoys customising each student's learning path to their innate learning style as well as their individual needs and goals. From casual "just for fun" learners to professional music students and performers, Cindy-Joy has something unique to bring to every individual.

She is also a song-writer, admin-whiz, and proud mom of 2 boys whom she home-schools.